About Me

Kerwin Blackburn

Welcome to my site. I'm originally from Norwich, England and have enjoyed painting for as long as I can remember. By Kerwin was created to provide myself with a creative outlet and platform, and share my celebration of creativity and great colour.

My vision is to use my various artistic and entrepreneurial skills to grow my brand and enable people to have amazing, high quality, colourful action artwork they love - hopefully inspiring some creativity and positive energy along the way.

To achieve this, I have 3 core values:

1. For people to have a great quality experience when engaging with my art and brand

2. To use my artwork to inspire creativity and generate positive energy

3. To produce a diverse range of artworks that engage with a wide range of people across the world

My range of hand-drawn and hand-painted pieces is centred around my technique of combining iconic portraits with the 'action painting' approach of my favourite artist, Jackson Pollock, to create my own totally unique style. I love the energy and sense of movement captured by this style, as the paint appears suspended in time - as well as using bright, vibrant colours to reflect each individual's personality.

My first experience of the art industry was in 2012 when I established Kerwin Art Collections Ltd aged 18 after leaving Norwich School, before studying economics at the University of Manchester. I also have a Master's degree in international development from King's College London, after which I spent a year working at an e-commerce florist startup in Singapore.

Some of my other passions include travel, cooking, exercising, wine, music and Manchester City, as well as enjoying the process of building my art brand. I have no formal training in painting or art, and through my social media accounts I aim to show insights into my creative journey and share lessons I've learn along the way.

Debut Solo Exhibition: In December 2020 I was delighted to showcase my entire range of paintings for the first time in my 10-day solo exhibition, 'Lights, Canvas, Action', at The Forum, Norwich (images below). After a frustrating year of public art exhibitions being cancelled, I was fortunate to be able to organise my own in my hometown and enjoy meeting so many people. Thanks to everyone who visited and those who made an original or print purchase! My next show will be in May 2021 at Anteros Foundation Gallery, Norwich.

Thanks for visiting my site - any feedback, queries, ideas, suggestions - and of course orders - are massively appreciated. I am also available for commissions. Just get in touch!

Click Meet Kerwin to listen to my interviews, and check out my exclusive Behind The Scenes videos under the Process tab. If you like what you see you can also follow my progress over on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy exploring,