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What inspires you?

Over the years I have tried various artistic styles and techniques. My signature style is my own unique Jackson Pollock-inspired action painting portrait technique that I have developed. I love the sense of motion and energy in this style of painting, along with the textures and depth created by the different layers of paint.

Jackson Pollock was an American painter most known for his ‘drip’ and ‘action painting’ techniques during the 1940s – when he pioneered the process of throwing paint over large canvases spread out across his floor. I first came across this style through The Stone Roses whilst I was a student in Manchester – guitarist John Squire used this action technique to paint the band’s album artwork.

I love combining this chaotic style with the portraits of some of the most recognisable music and cultural icons – to create an exciting, vibrant and striking range of pop art portrait paintings that has drawn comparisons to those of Andy Warhol. It’s fun and also challenging to experiment with different colour palettes in order to best capture each individual’s personality. It’s also great creating faces that people instantly connect with.

What do you paint with?

All of my paintings are acrylic on canvas – the most versatile, practical and fast-drying medium for what I want to do. Acrylic paint also produces really vibrant and vivid colours, which is perfect for expressing my pop art ideals and personality through my artwork.

How long does each painting take?

Each portrait painting takes around 40-50 hours over a few weeks, between the various planning / drawing / painting / taping / paint throwing / un-taping / finishing stages. I then photograph the paintings to get them ready for prints, as well as the ongoing marketing across my website and social media.

Are your paintings photoshopped at all?

No! They are entirely hand-drawn, hand-painted, hand-taped and then hand-painted some more. Visit my Process page to watch my exciting timelapse videos to learn more about my painting process.


What is the quality of your canvas prints?

My prints are all printed onto luxury, gallery-grade premium 400gsm rolled canvas. The canvas is a finely textured, artist-grade cotton substrate – the subtle fabric texture recreates the authentic feel and appearance of the original painting. This a high-quality, thick and durable canvas material with a premium feel.

Prints are giclée printed in sharp resolution – perfect for capturing the detail and layers of my action paintings in high definition. My canvas prints come with a 100 year colour guarantee.

These gallery-quality prints are perfect for framing to make a statement and to inject energy and creativity into any room. Ideal for gifts or to treat yourself. Prints arrive rolled in a tube. Satisfaction guaranteed.

My canvas prints are vegan friendly, made with no animal products.

Do the prints come with a border?

Yes, most prints come with a narrow border (approx 1cm-1.5cm depending on the print size). This is to precent any key details around the edge of the print being lost to overhang when framed, and to help draw the viewer’s eye in to make the print stand out.

There are a few exceptions – eg Blondie, where the yellow wouldn’t look right with a white border, and Stevie Wonder where the details are not around the edge of the print. My choice of border or no border is to give each artwork the best possible appearance.

Can you deliver the prints framed?

I don’t currently offer a framing option as the logistics and postage costs work out too expensive. There are many frames available on Amazon or elsewhere online – all of my prints come in standard frame sizes. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will recommend some good brands.

Buying a frame / frame sizes

All of my prints come in standard frame sizes, meaning there are plenty of frames available from online retailers in different colours and styles. Or you can take your print to a professional framing shop or order a custom frame online from a framing company such as Easy Frame for a wider choice of frame colours and mounting options.

Can your canvas prints be stretched over bars?

No, my prints are not intended to be used for stretching over canvas stretcher bars to create a 3D canvas appearance. This is because the image artwork features only the front of the painting image – and not the sides for the canvas edges.

Please contact me for a custom stretched canvas print order!

Shopping Information

What is the quality of your products?

All of my prints, products, merchandise and clothing are of great, durable quality and selected based on their high spec. All items are printed with vibrant colour printing and cutting-edge giclée printing technology. I work with one supplier for all of my prints and merchandise – they are leaders in their field, so all products come with a quality and consistent ‘By Kerwin’ feel and seal of approval.

My original paintings are of the highest quality and lovingly created by hand to the best possible standard – professional packaged and shipped.

How Long Will It Take To Have My Package Shipped?

UK orders arrive within around 4-7 days. International orders arrive within around 7-10 days. After receiving an order I can provide more specific delivery estimates and tracking.

Do You Ship Internationally?

I certainly do – anywhere in the world. By Kerwin is a worldwide online store and brand. As a UK-based artist, I work with a UK print and product supplier that also have printing and delivery facilities worldwide, for fast delivery times anywhere in the world. So your print or product will be created to order at a global facility nearest to your delivery location.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

All of my prints, products and merchandise are expertly packaged and shipped with care – with First Class shipping or postage (or the equivalent depending on the country of delivery). Items may be posted with Signed-For delivery where appropriate.

Orders and Returns

How do I place an Order?

Please place an order by choosing your desired product (eg your favourite painting as a print) and then selecting your size on the product page. After adding to Cart, you can then proceed to Checkout to enter delivery and payment information. Then look forward to receiving your new artwork within days!

How Do I Track My Order?

Tracking information is available once orders have been printed and posted out – so usually a few days after placing your order.

Can I Return a Product?

I don’t typically accept returns – in all my trading since 2019 (over 400 prints and pieces of merchandise) I haven’t yet needed to! On the rare occasions that there is damage to a print or product upon delivery, I will get a replacement issued right away. My print supplier are very understanding when it comes to damage during transit.

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

You can pay with Credit or Debit Card, and any card accepted by Stripe, or with PayPal. For larger purchases (eg an original painting), I can arrange a bank transfer or other method. Please contact me to discuss or arrange.

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

You bet! By Kerwin has been selling online since 2019 and has delivered across the UK and to almost every continent worldwide. All payments are made securely using the WooCommerce and Stripe payment systems. All orders are packaged and delivered with care – satisfaction guaranteed.


How can I contact you?

Please get in touch via the Contact page, at [email protected], or via Facebook or Instagram.

Can I commission a custom piece?

Yes! Commissions are available, please send me a message.

Privacy policy AND terms & conditions

Where Can I read these?

Please find the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for By Kerwin here.

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