Heat Magazine: Black Pound Day 2022 Diana Ross Coverage

Heat Magazine: Black-owned businesses to inspire your shop on Black Pound Day this Black History Month

We’re always thinking of ways to shine a light on Black Pound Day – which happens every first Saturday of the month – and as we celebrate Black History Month this October what better way to inspire your shopping than looking to some of the best black-owned businesses.

Black Pound Day in the UK encourages you to rethink your shopping habits right across your whole lifestyle. From hair products, clothing, jewellery, beauty and leisure, some of the best black-owned businesses are teeming with epic bits and bobs to get your hands on and be the envy of your pals.

The theme for Black History Month 2022 is “Time For Change: Action Not Words” focusing on being an ally rather than a passive bystander, “moving beyond short-term or performative gestures and taking real, long-term action”.

What is Black Pound Day?

Black Pound Day was founded in June 2020 by So Solid Crew member Swiss. Swiss was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and set up a monthly event to support the growth of the UK’s black economy. The goal: to encourage the British public to change their shopping habits and invest in the talents of black entrepreneurs.

Black Pound Day has its own searchable website directory, which covers everything you can think of including groceries, home improvements, plumbing, and even takeaways.

And as of summer 2022, Black Pound Day opened its first official storefront in Westfield London. The store will enable more than 80 black-owned businesses to sell to shoppers with a range of quality products within haircare, homeware, fashion, beauty and a variety of other sectors.

Black Pound Day founder, Swiss, said: “We are so excited to be in a position to create this opportunity to bring the best of our homegrown Black brands to the general High street consumer, ensuring sustainability and consistency all year round.”

When is Black Pound Day 2022?

Black Pound Day is on the first Saturday of every month, it helps us to discover independent brands that may not get as much publicity as bigger brands – all while supporting a good cause. So don’t miss out on helping black-owned businesses thrive by spending your coins.

Here are some of our favourite brands to shop with this Black History Month… including a striking Diana Ross pop art painting and print by UK artist Kerwin Blackburn.

Kerwin Blackburn’s Diana Ross painting and prints featured in Heat Magazine to mark Black Pound Day 2022

View the painting on my online shop here – where you can get your own print for your wall. Luxury prints available in four sizes between £35 – £75.

Diana Ross pop art painting and prints by Kerwin Blackburn
A ‘Supreme’ hand-painted tribute to Motown and music icon Diana Ross

View the original story here.

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