Pop! Goes The Easel exhibition by Kerwin Blackburn at the Crypt Gallery, Norwich | Music pop art paintings and prints

Norwich Evening News: Kerwin Blackburn exhibits new art collection in Norwich

28th November 2023, by Ben Fieldhouse

Artist Kerwin Blackburn has returned to Norwich to showcase his new collection ‘Pop Goes The Easel.

His exhibition features a wide range of pop stars in a Jackson Pollock-inspired style following on from his collection in Norwich 18 months ago. “There’s something for everyone,” Mr Blackburn said. The pop stars captured in his new paintings range from Diana Ross to Jay-Z.

He added: “The standard size paintings normally take me 40-50 hours over three to four weeks. That’s all the way from the drawing up and the painting. “Then I use masking tape to block the background off before I do my Jackson Pollock technique where I throw different layers of acrylic paint down.”

The collection is currently in it’s sixth day and runs until Monday December 4. “Hundreds of people came in during the first week, from tourists to locals,” Mr Blackburn said.  “There has been lots of visitors already and I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people over the second week.”

The artist was born and raised in Norwich and went to Norwich school, the grounds in which the exhibit is housed. Mr Blackburn added: “I think people really like seeing a local person, they can really relate to where I’ve grown up and my own background and how it is related to my back story.

“There’s also not a lot of art in Norwich and Norfolk that is similar to mine, so it always stands out.” He has displayed in London, Manchester and New York over the years as well as his previous display in Norwich.

“It was really cool, a lot of my artwork comes from Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol who really built their careers in New York,” he said. 

Mr Blackburn’s paintings are available for purchase on www.bykerwin.com

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Source: Norwich Evening News

Pop! Goes The Easel exhibition by Kerwin Blackburn at the Crypt Gallery, Norwich | Music pop art paintings and prints
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