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November 2022 E-news: New Autumn Paintings

Autumn 2022 Paintings: George Harrison & Johnny Marr Added to the Collection

George Harrison Painting | By Kerwin
Here Comes The Sun

My latest couple of paintings are complete – George Harrison and Johnny Marr have been added to my collection. These are online now and available as prints from my website Two of the UK’s most renowned guitarists ever, these are a couple of my favourite music artists who have been on my list to paint since September 2019!

George Harrison is also my first painting to feature real dried flowers, each glued individually by hand. Watch the Behind the Scenes timelapse video for this one to see the process! What do you think?

Meanwhile you can also watch the Behind the Scenes painting video of Johnny Marr here.

Prints are available in different sizes from £35 – £75, with fast UK and worldwide delivery.

New Prints ⚡ Introducing Luxury Canvas Prints

Thanks to my supplier expanding their range of print options, I’m very excited to announce that I have now switched all of my By Kerwin prints from paper to luxury CANVAS prints.

It’s the exact same giclée printing method but now on luxury 400gsm rolled canvas instead of paper. This makes for a more premium feel to the print. Some other benefits of switching from paper to the new canvas prints include:

• Thicker (400gsm v 200gsm paper) • Luxury, premium feel • Finely textured fabric surface – canvas prints recreate the authentic feel and appearance of the original canvas painting (you can see in the pictures below) • More durable & resilient to creasing • All canvas prints come in inches, meaning wider frame choices compared to CM

I can still provide paper prints on request (eg to match your existing paper prints), but otherwise all prints from now on will be on luxury rolled canvas. These still give the exact same appearance as paper prints – they just contain that extra bit of texture when viewed up close.

New Website ⭐ The Relaunch of

By Kerwin prints

As well as a new range of prints, in October I was very excited to share the relaunch of my website, which I have been building for over the last few weeks. This looks very similar to the previous version – but is faster, more dynamic and with slicker design features. Importantly, it has greater SEO reach than my previous site and will be home to my blog that is coming soon.

My painting videos, interviews, exhibitions and full product range are all online – take a look now and let me know what you think!

Order Now for Christmas | Perfect Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner (again) – gift someone in your life some action painted pop art this year! Luxury canvas prints are available online between £35 – £75, delivery in around 1 week 💥 Who would you choose?

Delivering My First Guest Artist Speaker Talks!

In September I delivered my first two guest speaker talks to aspiring business and creative students in Norwich. Firstly, I visited my former school, Norwich School, to talk to around 40 sixth form business students on the school’s Young Chamber scheme (their equivalent of Young Enterprise) sharing my startup business tips as they set up their own businesses for the school year.

I then visited Access Creative College in Norwich a week later, to talk to 30 budding design and media students about how to turn a creative passion into a commercial venture. This also marked the milestone of being my first paid speaking gig as an artist, which was a special milestone and good experience for me.

I was also very grateful to see my former school purchase a selection of prints, which are now on the wall in the sixth form common room (below) to inspire the next generation!

Kerwin Blackburn prints on display at Norwich School
Some of my prints on display at my old school, Norwich School

Who else should I paint next? Any suggestions are much appreciated!
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