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noun 1. a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

Great work takes time. Each action portrait requires up to around 50 hours to produce - from idea conception through the various stages of painting to post-production.

Each work is hand-drawn and hand-painted to create the best quality and most authentic detail to brighten up any wall.

1. Image creation - Photoshop

2. Drawing

3. White blocking - the Minimum Viable Product of painting. Allows drawing accuracy to be vetted, and any corrections to be made. (Hasn't been required - yet!)

4. Block painting

5. Masking

6. Action - layers of paint are thrown, poured and dripped. Drying time in between.

7. Unmasking

8. Finishing touches & sign

9. Photography & post-production - ensure finished images are web- and print-quality

10. Varnish