Kerwin ExhIbits At NSPCC Manchester Fundraiser, 14 Nov 2023

Kerwin ExhIbits At NSPCC Manchester Fundraiser, 14 Nov 2023

Exhibiting – and selling – artwork to raise funds for NSPCC North West UK at Three Little Words Gin Bar

It was great to exhibit once again at the NSPCC Manchester fundraiser art exhibition night – this time on 14 November 2023. This fundraiser was at the same venue at the June 2023 event, where I also exhibited and sold artwork.

On this occasion, I displayed a hand-embellished print of my brand new Debbie Harry pop art painting – which sold for £375 on the night – and a stunning rhinestone-embellished print of my Jimi Hendrix painting. This was an ambitious new type of print for me – as I individually stuck hundreds of rhinestones onto a metallic gold Jimi Hendrix print, before signing and framing this in a smart mounted frame.

Thousands of pounds were raised once again on the night for NSPCC which will go towards important projects across the North West.


Print hand-embellishment in art refers to a technique where artists enhance printed artworks manually by adding additional details or embellishments directly onto the print surface. This method allows artists to infuse a personal touch and unique artistic expression into their printed works. Hand-embellishment can be applied to various types of prints, including lithographs, screen prints, giclée prints, and etchings.

The process of hand-embellishment involves the use of various artistic mediums such as acrylic paints, watercolours, pastels, or even metallic leaf, which are carefully applied to specific areas of the print. By doing so, artists can introduce vivid colours, texture, depth, and intricacy that cannot be achieved through traditional printing methods alone.

Hand-embellishment not only enables artists to create one-of-a-kind pieces but also offers them an opportunity to experiment and push the boundaries of their creativity. Each hand-embellished print becomes a unique artwork in its own right, carrying the artist’s personal artistic interpretation and emotional connection. They are often thought of as an effective artwork option between an original painting and a print.

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You can also follow my art progress on Instagram and FacebookContact me about print commissions by email.

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