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May 2023 E-news: Elvis Has Entered the Building

Elvis Has Entered The Building ⚡💥 Taking Care of Business

My latest painting was launched in April – I’m delighted to share my most detailed and intricate painting to date.. Elvis Presley is finally finished and online. Let me know what you think of this one!

Painted in a striking pop art style – with my signature Jackson Pollock-inspired technique – this one captures Elvis in his early days, complete with an eye-catching red lightning bolt. Given the different parts of this design, the finished painting actually contains 36 different shades of colour that you can see! Hand drawn, hand painted 24×36″ acrylic on canvas.

Do you know the meaning behind the lightning bolt (clue: it’s nothing to do with David Bowie)? If not, read on to find out more below!

Prints are available online now, in 2 sizes at £45 and £75. Luxury canvas prints, high definition giclée printing, fast worldwide delivery.

View my Elvis Presley painting in closer detail here!

New Blog Post 🚨⚡ The Meaning of Elvis’ Taking Care of Business Lightning Bolt

You may have been wondering, or even asked me, why does my Elvis painting have a lightning bolt on it and what does Taking Care of Business mean? Well, wonder no more – I’ve written a blog post answering these and explaining the meaning behind this painting. Read my blog post here to find out more, and let me know what you think!

In this blog post you will also discover:

  • The lightning bolt has nothing to do with David Bowie like some people think (although Bowie was a big fan – and they even had the same birthday)
  • Plus did you know Liam Gallagher has a big Elvis tattoo?! Find out why
  • And find out what Elvis is known as in China! (and it’s not his name)

Which other of my paintings and music icons should I write about?

Did you know Liam Gallagher has an Elvis tattoo? Plus a photo of Elvis’ private plane from my visit to Graceland in 2018.

Prints of all my paintings are available in different sizes from £35 – £75, with fast UK and worldwide delivery.

New Blog Launched: Confessions of a Pop Artist 💥

Earlier in 2023 I was very excited to launch my new blog, Confessions of a Pop Artist. This new section of my website features articles about art and my story of building By Kerwin over the last few years.

Explore my first blog posts and let me know what you’d like me to write about!

Confessions Of A Pop Artist | By Kerwin Blog

Read some of my first blog posts about the inspiration and meanings behind my different paintings below..

The Meaning of Jimi Hendrix’s Axis: Bold As Love Album Cover

Find out the story behind the iconic album cover that influenced my own Jimi Hendrix painting, and what the colours within it symbolised. Plus, why the album cover was so controversial and where it is banned (don’t worry, my painting doesn’t include these parts!). Read here.

Marvin Gaye & Motown: What Colour Were Tamla Records & Why?

The colours of my Marvin Gaye painting were taken from the original Tamla Motown record labels. Discover the history of Tamla Records – who helped launch the careers of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross – and find out what this unique colour combination was said to represent. Read here.

Who Painted The Stone Roses Album Record Cover Artwork?

Learn the story behind this iconic album cover – which was inspired by Jackson Pollock and eventually inspired my own ‘By Kerwin’ style of painting. Plus, find out what the lemons and the French flag are doing in the design. Read here.

Purple Rain: Why is Prince Known for the Colour Purple?

Think of Prince and it’s hard not to think of the colour purple. Discover the different meanings of this colour and why it became so closely associated with Prince. Some of these interpretations will surprise you! Read here.

Visit to My First University – Manchester Business School

In May 2023 I enjoyed visiting my former university – Alliance Manchester Business School at The University of Manchester – where I caught up with my former tutor from my undergraduate studies and had a tour of the business school’s new facilities.

I studied BSc (Hons) International Business, Finance and Economics here between 2012-2015. One of the aims of my new website blog section is to give more of an insight into my background beyond and before By Kerwin.

Kerwin Blackburn at Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester 2023

Customer Photos – By Kerwin prints in their new homes!

I always enjoy seeing pictures of my prints and paintings in their new homes once they have been delivered! Here are some print photos that I received in April and May. It’s always really interesting to see how people decide to frame these and where they choose to display them.

The Beatles pop art music acrylic action painting & prints in a Jackson Pollock style | By Kerwin Blackburn | Music art posters
Jimi Hendrix & Bob Marley pop art music acrylic action painting & prints in a Jackson Pollock style | By Kerwin Blackburn | Music art posters

If you have any photos of your By Kerwin prints in your home that I’ve not seen then I’d love to see them! Please email them to [email protected] and I’ll share these on my socials!

Did you see my interview and guest artist video feature for UK-wide students, filmed at Access Creative College in Norwich back in December? Watch below!

All my painting videos, interviews, exhibitions and full product range are online on my website – take a look and let me know which painting is your favourite!

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